Persona Soap Promo - Pack of 4 at MRP Rs. 115/-

Winter Offer Lasts Longer


Persona Family Soap ensures complete germ protection for your entire family. This 3-in-1 premium soap promises unbeatable germ protection along with
moisturizing and deodorizing benefits. A complete soap for the entire family. It has the goodness of ingredients such as:


  • 'Plantaren', a special corn and coconut derivative which helps gently clean your skin....naturally!
  • Almond oil that provides for rich moisturising, leaving your skin soft, supple and smooth.
  • Triclocarban gives your family long lasting germ protection and also kills odour
    causing germs hence giving you a long lasting deodorizing effect.
  • Unique fragrant oils, specially selected to provide a lingering fragrance and to keep
    the body odour-free, day-long.


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Offer open till stocks last. Persona soaps are also available without this offer.


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