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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Amway, Corporate Social Responsibility is an inherent component of its long term business strategy that shapes the value system supporting the company’s vision & mission. This business strategy also accounts for and is responsible for the decisions and choices made each day by its executives, managers, employees and business partners as they engage with the society at large. It’s a broader framework that covers how Amway lives & practices its values through its behaviour: in the products it manufactures, in how it treat its employees, in how it ensures a sustainable work environment.
Social responsibility and cause championship is an integral part of the Amway ethos since its inception in 1959, and was crafted to constructively and consistently give back to society and contribute to social well-being. This is a visionary element of its business brought alive by the two founders of Amway – Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel. This philosophy is carried forward even to this day by the next generation leaders – Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel.

CSR Policy


The GM’s message

"The Amway story began with two founders of Amway – Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel, who as business partners shared a belief that with encouragement and hard work anyone can move to a better place. This belief is articulated through the Amway vision of helping people live better lives. Our vision and Founder’s Principles guide us on how we do business and drive our behaviours around our employees, customers and neighbours in communities through the world."