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Institutional Customer Program

The much awaited and exciting Institutional Program is here An opportunity to enter the large untapped Institutional market.

Under this Program, an ABO has an opportunity to get Institutions into Amway Business as Consumers of Amway products.

Any corporate who are Consumers can participate under this program. some example of Institutional Customers are:
Hotels, Educational Institutions, societies, State and Central govt. Ministries/Depts., Public Sector Undertakings, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Public Ltd. companies, Private Limited companies

There can be other type of Institutions over and above the Categories mentioned.

The Institutional Customer shall be eligible for all monthly discounts/commissions as per Amway Sales & Marketing Plan.

Payment of Monthly bonus will be made through a cheque or Direct Credit only.

All orders will only be Delivered at Registered Address.

The Institutional Customer needs to nominate one or two office beares who will be responsible for Amway Business.

The cost of joining shall be Nil, However, the first order must be for a minium value of Rs.25000/-.

All subsequent orders hall be for a minium value of Rs. 5,000/-.

The cost of form is Nil.

The Order has tobe Placed only on a company Letter Head or a Purchase Order, which should be accompanied with a cheque or a Demand draft or payment advice (in the case of ECS).

Benefits of Institutional Customers

The Institutional Customers can buy world Class Amway Products at Distributor Price.

Over and above the Distributor Price, the Institutional Customer, will also be entitled to get all the montly discounts/commissions as per Amway Sales & Marketing Plan.

All the products purchased shall be covered under Amway's Money Back Policy.

Cashless Transcaction: Payment can be made only through Demand Draft, Cheque or direct company transfer through ECS.

Auto Annual Renewal: The annual renewal shall be free of cost subject to the Institution placing an order atleast once a year.

convenicence of Delivery: The products shall be delivered to the address registered with Amway. In case the client wants the products to be shipped to some other branch office, then they have to inform Amway at the time of placing the order (on a letter head) the address where they want the product delivery.

Co-Branding: Co-Branding of Products shall be available to Institutional Customers, as an optin, on specific requirements.

Benefits of ABOs

An ABO can get any number of Institutional Customers, forming different legs.

No change of LOS for Institutional Customer.

All the volume shall be counted for the Higher Awards, including GIP, FAA, ALS points, and annual bonuses.

Ease of getting the form; Free of cost, numberless e-form can be downloaded form the website.

Institutional Customer Form - Click here