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Amway One by One


Former President, Dr Abdul Kalam, has recently been quoted saying that instead of addressing (them as) 'street children', it would be better to refer to them as 'children of hope'. If we stretch this definition a bit, that is what we are all about - reaching out to all Children of Hope in the best manner at our disposal:

One By One - is Amway's Global Campaign for Children. In each of the 80 countries and territories that Amway is present it takes up and supports these Children of Hope.

In India, this work is carried out under the banner of Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) a registered non-profit organization. All Amway employees and distributors are volunteers of AOF.

And why work for children?

Half of the world's poor are children.

Every year, 10 million children do not live to see their fifth birthday.

More than 115 million children don't have access to the most basic education.

With presence in most of the countries across the globe, Amway finds itself in a position to focuses its philanthropic efforts so as to maximize a positive and sustainable impact on society.

In short, the One by One Campaign for Children is designed to assist maximum numbers of children of hope attain their full potential.

The program pulls together all of our resources – Business Owners, employees, affiliates and customers - to make this happen.

Through the One by One Campaign for Children, we are making a difference for children around the world.