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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics that Amway looks for in a candidate?

Amway has an integrated approach towards selection. We take into account the academic achievements, skills, competencies and the experience that a prospective hire has gained over a period of time. All these are gauged at the various rounds of the interview.

What are the main industries Amway recruits from?

We recruit primarily from FMCG, Pharma, Food & Nutrition, Insurance etc. The choice of industry primarily depends on the position in consideration.

What kinds of locations are available for pursuing career with Amway?

Head Office of Amway is located at Gurgaon. Besides that, there are offices in metros like Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Pune. Certain positions are also based out of upcountry locations (B Class & C Class cities).

Do I have any options on my choice of posting?

For transfer and the place of posting, the availability of position and location preferences of an individual is taken into account before making a decision on the place of posting.

How does my career grow within the company?

Amway provides ample opportunity for career growth through a strong value based performance management process wherein we recognize significant contributions made by our associates in an objective and transparent manner. For any open position, opportunity is first provided to the associate before looking for the candidates externally.

One of my relative is an Amway Business Owner. Can I become an employee of Amway?

No, if you and your relative who is an Amway Business Owner are staying under the same roof, you cannot be hired as an employee on a full time, part time or on a contractual basis. But if you and your relative (who is an ABO) are staying separately, you are eligible provided you give the declaration to that effect. One is required to disclose to the management any actual or potential conflict of interest.

What are the opportunities I would get for honing skills and improving performance?

We have a focus on creating effective training & development programme which help employees achieve their business targets while also contributing to their personal development. Training need analysis is done basis the appraisal, career planning, business requirements and on competency gaps. Functional and behavioral training workshops are conducted designed around the identified training needs.

What is the selection process followed at Amway?

For a position into consideration, first the CV is screened on the basis of qualification and the experience. Post that the candidate is called for an interview with the functional supervisor and HR. Once the candidate is through with that, he is called for a final round of interview with the HOD

Are there options for cross-functional movements within the organization?

We have a robust Internal Job Posting (IJP) system to help associates grow within the organization both vertically and horizontally. Available positions along with their requirements are posted through the system and the associates get an opportunity for moving cross functionally as well.

What is a Direct Selling Industry?

Direct selling is a dynamic, vibrant, rapidly expanding channel of distribution for products and services directly to consumers. The products and services are marketed to customers by independent sales people who may be called Distributors/ Representatives/Business owners or various other titles depending on company to company. Products are sold primarily through in-home product demonstrations, parties, get together and one-on-one selling. Success in Direct Selling is about a lot of people, each doing a little. In Direct Selling, you involve many people who sell a small amount of volumes each, which results in a huge volume for the entire network. Traditional marketing channels include several layers of middle people, each taking a percentage mark-up. Direct Selling eliminates these middle people and costs. Some of the other organizations in direct selling categories are Avon, Oriflame, Tupperware, Modicare, Hindustan Lever Network (Unilever) etc.

How are the departments different in Amway i.e., a direct selling industry with that from a typical FMCG?

The organization structure and the departments in Amway are very similar to that of a any other industry. We have Finance & Accounts, Facilities, Human Resources, IT & e-Business, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Operations & Supply Chain, Technical (Quality Assurance, Product Development & Regulatory, Packaging Development etc.) and Marketing.

Notably different from a typical industry, we have a Sales Training function responsible for imparting product and sales training to Amway Business Owners.

We also have Distributor customer services function which can be akin to Customer Relationship Management department of a FMCG/Service Industry.