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Segmentation Model and 3 PC rule

Dear ABOs,
Please find below the summary of changes that we will be making to our Segmentation Model and 3 PC rule effective August 01, 2016. Also find attached some slides explaining the changes and FAQs for better understanding.

1. Requirement for new ABOs to have 3 buying PCs in the first 90 days of joining to confirm their ABO status CONTINUES. This will apply to new ABOs who join on or after August 01, 2016.

2. Requirement to continue to maintain the ABO status would be that every ABO would need to earn commission (personal or differential) at least once in every 12 months. Non fulfilment would result in ABO getting converted to PC and losing his LOS. The month in which new ABO joins would be exempted while calculating 12 months, this will be effective August 01, 2016.

3. For Old ABOs (joined prior to Nov 2015) who do not meet the defined ABO criteria (Having Bank account AND sponsoring/purchase between May 01, 2015 and July 31, 2016) would be converted to PCs on August 01, 2016. (Since this will be a long process, it may take till August 07 to complete, However, ABOs will have time till July 31, 2016 to meet the required criteria.) This criteria was also communicated during the Face to Face meetings in August 2015.
To remain PC, a Preferred Customer would need to make a purchase once in 12 month. If not, he would be deleted as a Preferred Customer.

The month of registering as PC would be exempted.

4. Trade Discount – shall work as follows w.e.f August 1st, 2016 :
For PCs who are referred by an ABO, the sponsor ABO will get Trade Discount
For PCs who are referred by Amway to an ABO, the upline ABO will not get the Trade Discount
PCs will earn 1 loyalty point for every Rupees 100 spent.

Segmentation Changes
Segmentation FAQs