Disaster Relief

India has encountered numerous natural disasters in the recent past.  Amway has responded to disasters of great magnitude and has helped communities recover.

Amway contributed Rs 2 Crore towards Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s public relief fund to support the Tamil Nadu flood victims in the year 2015. Amway India employees and direct sellers worked hand-in-hand to supply relief material to the affected people during the Tamil Nadu floods.

Amway worked with the grass-root level NGO and provided shelters to 36 families affected during the 2013 Uttarkashi floods. Amway also supported the construction of 2 blocks of an orphanage that was adversely affected during the Tsunami in Tamil Nadu.

Amway contributed Rs 1 Crore towards Kerala CM's public relief fund to support the Kerala flood victims. Amway also refurbished select schools in Ernakulam district which were damaged during the floods. All the employees of Amway also jointly contributed a part of their salary to provide relief material towards the noble cause.

The company has also made contributions to support relief work during the Gujarat and Japan Earthquakes.