Product Details

The new attitude Crème Lipsticks come in different vibrant and colorful shades,which will make your lips pop and stand out. The lipstick gives your lips a creamy finish and provides complete coverage. These preservative-free lipsticks will make your lips feel creamy,soft,and plump. So give your lips the love they deserve!

The five exclusive lip shades include:Lavender Hues,Silky Red,Divine Mocha,Hot Pink,Blush Nude.

Safe on skin
Preservative Free

  • It is preservatives free
  • It leaves the lips with a creamy finish.
  • The product provides high coverage
  • It has a vibrant and rich color that makes your lips feel glossy.

The Crème Hot Pink Lipstick makes your lips feel luscious and creamy. The bright hot pink color works instantly to make your lips stand out and look gorgeous. The lipstick is preservative-free,which means it’s safe to use for long hours. The cream finish makes your lips feel soft and plump. The lipstick provides high coverage and keeps your lips looking fresh and full for a long time.

When your lips feel chapped or dry, or when you are going out and you want to feel and look glamorous, you can apply Crème Hot Pink Lipstick.
For high coverage and proper application, follow these steps:

  1. First, apply the lipstick at center of your upper lip
  2. Start by applying from the centre of your lips, and then work towards the outer portion of your lips.