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Have you been worried about germs since the Pandemic began? Has frequent hand washing led to dry and cracked hands? You needn't worry anymore. Enriched with all the goodness of Aloe Vera, Amway's Persona Germ Protection & Moisturizing Hand Wash doesn't just fight germs but also smoothens and moisturizes your hands.

Preservative Free
Paraben Free
Sulphate Free
Formal-Dehyde Free

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Triclosan Free
  • Paraben and Sulphate Free
  • Contains Aloe Vera

Hand washing, long prescribed as one of the easiest ways of maintaining health, has become even more essential with the Pandemic. Frequent hand washing, though, results in dry and itchy hands. The dermatologically tested Amway Persona Germ Protection & Moisturizing Hand Wash provides protection against germs while smoothing and moisturizing your hands.

Wet your hands with water and gently press the hand wash pump to extract the product onto your palm. Gently rub your palms together to generate a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe your hands dry.

Caution: For external use only. Children must use this product under adult supervision only. If the product accidentally enters your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water.

Amount per servingPack Size
Few drops of handwash250 mL
Other Ingredients: Sorbitol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Aloe Vera extract