Persona Junior Toothbrush

Pack size : Pack of 4
MRP: ₹120.00
(Incl of all taxes)
Item number: 265003ID

    The advanced Persona Junior Toothbrush with Accu – Pressure Wave + Ribs Technology, Tongue Cleaner & unique Vacuum Holder gives your child a complete oral care solution.

    1. New Accu-Pressure Wave + Ribs Technology.
    2. Tongue cleaner with extra soft rubber ridges.
    3. Ends-rounded DuPont bristles and filaments.
    4. Unique Vacuum Holder makes your brush stand up, providing better hygiene.
    5. Unique rubberized non-slip thumb grip.
    6. Gentle active tip design.
    7. Slender neck design.
    8. Unique handle design.

    Brush your teeth twice a day regularly. For best results, use with Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste and Glister Kids Toothpaste.

    Get extra advanced Persona Junior Toothbrush pack of 4 with Soft Bristles that gives your child complete oral care. The “New Accu-Pressure Wave + Ribs Technology” provides superior cleaning of teeth and gums.

    Available in four attractive colours.

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