Product Details

The product glides effortlessly on the skin on using it with the Dynamite shaving system. Equipped with 5 blades, it evenly distributes pressure for a smooth, clean, and comfortable shave.

  • Glides on the skin smoothly and with ease for a clean shave
  • Accublade Trimmer for shaving goatee, sideburns and under nose
  • Anti – clog cartridge enables easy cleaning and rinse
  • The Refill cartridge is available as a Pack of 4 and is affordably priced.

  • Lubricating strip
  • Anti-clog
  • 4 blades
  • Smooth

The Dynamite cartridge is used with the Dynamite shaving System that works with the advanced Motion Sphere that adapts to the facial contours for a smooth, clean shave. The cartridge has double-coated 4 blades for a clean shave. The Accublade Trimmer helps shave the goatee, under nose hair, and sideburns. The lubricating strip glides along the skin and leaves it looking fresh and smooth. The anti-clog cartridge is easy to clean and wash, preventing trapping of facial hair.

  • The cartridge is used with the Dynamite Shaving System for smooth shaving.
  • Changing cartridges is easy. Push the Sphere button forward on the Shaving system for releasing the handle and fixing the cartridge.
  • Store the cartridge in clean and dry conditions.
  • Keep it out of reach of children to prevent injury.
  • Do not touch the blade or wipe with your hands, as it can cause injury or impair performance.

Pack of 4 cartridges