Product Details

Experience the smooth shave each time.
The Dynamite shaving system comes with Motion Sphere Technology that evenly distributes pressure and adapts to your contours.

  • MOTION SPHERE® technology adapts to your contours for a close smooth shave.
  • Accublade Trimmer for shaving goatee, sideburns and under nose 
  • 5 Blades with Double coated edge for a close, smooth shave
  • Anti-clog cartridge for easy rinse 
  • Large lubricating strip for smooth glide 

The Motion Sphere Technology of this shaving system adapts to your contours for a close shave. 

Based on a consumer claims basis study:

  • 100% men agreed Number of cuts on face was minimal, after using the razor
  • 100% men agreed to have an overall good shaving experience
  • 100% men agreed the razor glides smoothly over the skin
  • More than 95% men agreed the razor was convenient to use
  • More than 90% men agreed the trimmer in the razor provided close shave even in difficult to reach facial hair (under the nose, under the lower lips and chin area) 

  1. Apply shaving foam or gel to soften the hair for a smooth finish.
  2. Use the blade to shave your face and neck region.
  3. Avoid touching the blades or wiping the blades either after shaving, as this may impair their performance. Simply rinse and shake off excess water.

Store the product under clean, dry conditions. Keep out of the reach of children.