Zoom Concentrate 500ML

Pack size : 500 ml
MRP: ₹280.00
(Incl of all taxes)
Item number: E8393ID

    Zoom is a spray cleaner concentrate - a handy multipurpose hard surface spot cleaner - works best in getting rid of household grease and stains.

    Additional Details:
    Manufactured By: Sarvotham Care, Village Jharmajri, Baddi Barotiwala Road, P.O. Barotiwala, Tehsil Baddi, District Solan, HP - 174103.
    Marketed By: Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Registered Office: Ground Floor, Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Non-Hierarchical Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi - 110025.
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    : India

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    1. Zoom cuts through all the tough grease & stains, attacks tough to remove spots on wide range of washable surfaces
    2. Very simple &convenient to use: Made to be diluted, just mix with water to get the strength you want- then spray away tough dirt/soils.
    3. Just spray and wipe clean no rinsing is required , which saves lot of time and efforts.
    4. Economical, can be diluted according to individual requirement, depending on the level of difficulty in the cleaning job.
    5. Zoom is very convenient to use and leaves no residue marks.
    6. Is also economical to use. In typical use the one litre bottle makes three litres of cleaner - powerful enough to handle most routine cleaning jobs.
    7. Hence 3 bottles of 500 ml make 1500 ml of cleaning solution.
    8. And 6 bottles at 1: 5 dilution makes 3000 ml of cleaning solution.
    1. Fill Squeeze Bottle with Pistol Grip Sprayer for dilution.
    2. First with 2 parts of water.
    3. 1 part Zoom concentrate for tough cleaning


    Not to be used on carpets, cloth, polished or lacquered surface.

    Buy Amway Zoom (500Ml) which is a handy multipurpose hard surface spot cleaner - works best in getting rid of household grease and stains.

    Product Demo:

    Demonstration Material Required :

    Lipstick, Oil, Wax crayon, grease, Tissue Paper, Diluted Zoom 1:2, Laminated Board or White Tiles ( 2 Nos. )

    Directions :

    1. Make lipstick, oil & crayon marks on the two sides of surface of the laminated panel or on white tiles.
    2. Make a diluted Zoom solution (1 part Zoom to 2 parts water) & pour into a Pistol grip sprayer.
    3. Spray diluted Zoom solution on one side of laminated surface or one tile.
    4. On the other side spray water & wipe off with a clean cloth.
    5. Wait 30 seconds for Zoom solution to loosen the marks.
    6. Then wipe both the surfaces with lint free cloth.


    The lipstick, oil and wax crayon marks are practically gone from the area where Zoom diluted solution was applied. Easy wipe up completes the cleaning process where on the other area or tile those marks gets spread and difficult to clean. Zoom saves time, water, efforts and energy too.