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360° cleaning and care for teeth, gums, tongue, and insides of your cheeks.

Get Glister Advanced Toothbrushes in 2 exciting colors in every pack.

Glister Advanced Toothbrush gives your mouth 360-degree cleaning and care by providing deep and all-round cleaning of teeth and gums.


  • Power Tip Bristles that reach deep between teeth at hard to reach places
  • Provides 360-degree oral cleaning
  • All round cleaning of Teeth, Gums, Tongue & Cheek
  • Rounded DuPont Bristles
  • Soft gum massager that massages gums gently while brushing
  • Advanced Tongue Cleaner with extra soft feel
  • Acupressure point for comfort and control while brushing
  • Non-slip thumb grip
  • Brushing acupressure point for comfort and control
  • Has a tongue cleaner and gum massager with an extra-soft sensation
  • These Amway Glister Advanced toothbrushes come in a pack of 2 exciting colors.
  • Flexible neck
  • The Amway Glister Advanced Toothbrushes feature rounded DuPont, power tip bristles with lamella in an exclusive bristle be sure that this is an exclusive pattern and not available in the market.

The best friend that your teeth can have! The toothbrushes have a non-slippery comfortable grip, advanced tongue cleaner and soft gum massager. Power Tip Bristles that reach deep between teeth at hard to reach places

The toothbrushes also help to gently massage the gums.

Brush your teeth and clean your tongue twice every day. It is advised by the doctors to change your toothbrush every 3 months.