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Salmon Omega-3 Softgels
Salmon Omega-3 Softgels
60 N (Softgels)
MRP 1,606
(incl. of taxes)
Cal Mag D Plus
Cal Mag D Plus
90 N (Tablets)
MRP 857
(incl. of taxes)
30 Serve PDO Pack
30 Serve PDO Pack
30 Serve PDO Pack
MRP 3,000
(incl. of taxes)
Foundational Care Products
Foundational Care Products
MRP 10,636
(incl. of taxes)
Cal Mag D Plus
Cal Mag D Plus
90 N (Tablets)
MRP 836
(incl. of taxes)
Salmon Omega-3 Softgels
Salmon Omega-3 Softgels
60 N (Softgels)
MRP 1,566
(incl. of taxes)
Heart Health Support Basket
Heart Health Support Basket
MRP 6,439
(incl. of taxes)
Muscle and Bone Health Support Mini Basket
Muscle and Bone Health Support Mini Basket
MRP 4,045
(incl. of taxes)
30 Serve PDO Pack
30 Serve PDO Pack
30 Serve PDO Pack
MRP 3,215
(incl. of taxes)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids And Supplements

Omega-3 fatty acids, or Omega-3s, are a class of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential for human health. They are considered to be "essential" because the body cannot synthesize them on its own, and therefore they must be obtained from the diet.

Type of omega-3s

  1. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
  2. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)
  3. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

EPA and DHA are primarily found in fish and fish oil supplements, while ALA is found in plant-based oils such as flaxseed and canola oil, and is typically found in vegetarian or vegan omega-3 supplements.

Natural Sources of Omega 3s

  • Seafood- such as sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna and salmon.
  • Seeds and nuts- such as walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds.
  • Plant oils- such as canola oil, soybean oil and flaxseed oil.
  • Food that is fortified – such as soy beverages, milk, yogurt, juices, etc.

Health benefits of Omega-3s

Omega-3s play a vital part in the body’s brain development, visual function, cardiovascular health and inflammatory response. An adequate consumption of omega-3s, whether from food sources or omega-3 supplements, is considered crucial for optimal health and well-being. Let us look at some of their health benefits in detail.

  1. They are anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is a natural response of the immune system to injury or infection, but chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and certain cancers. EPA and DHA have been shown to reduce the production of pro-inflammatory compounds, such as eicosanoids and cytokines, and to increase the production of anti-inflammatory compounds such as resolvins and protectins. These effects help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, which may help to prevent the development of chronic diseases.
  2. They help with normal functioning of brain and eyes: DHA is a major structural component of the brain and retina, and is required for the proper development and function of these tissues. Low levels of omega-3s have been associated with cognitive decline and depression, and fish oil supplements with omega-3s have been shown to improve cognitive function and mood. Additionally, DHA is important for the proper functioning of the retina and is required for maintaining healthy vision.
  3. They maintain cardiovascular health: Consuming EPA and DHA can lower triglycerides and blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. These effects are thought to be related to their anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their ability to improve the health of the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acid capsules or fish oil supplements can also help to reduce the risk of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death, as well as help to decrease the progression of plaque in the arteries.
  4. They modulate immune response: Fish oil supplements can help to balance out the production of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory compounds, helping to regulate the immune system and protect the body from infection and disease.

Importance of Omega-3 supplements

Omega-3 supplements are dietary supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential nutrients that the body needs but cannot produce on its own. They are necessary because many people may not consume enough of these foods to get an adequate amount of omega-3s. Dietary gaps in omega-3 intake can occur due to a variety of factors such as dietary restrictions, lack of access to certain types of food, and individual food choices. Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels can help fill these gaps by providing an easy and convenient way to increase omega-3 intake.

Tips to incorporate Omega-3 supplements

There are several ways to incorporate omega-3 supplements into your daily diet and lifestyle. Here are a few tips:

  1. Take supplements with a meal: Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels are best taken with a meal that contains fat, as this can help to increase absorption. You can also include foods high in omega-3s like fatty fish, flaxseed, and chia seeds in your diet to increase your overall intake.
  2. Start with a lower dose: If you're new to omega-3 supplements, start with a lower dose and gradually increase it as recommended by your healthcare professional.
  3. Incorporate healthy lifestyle habits: Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels can be most effective when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  4. Regular consumption: Consistently consuming omega-3 supplements can help to provide and maintain the benefits over time.
  5. Consult a healthcare professional: As mentioned before, consulting a healthcare professional before taking any fish oil supplements is always a good idea. They can help determine the appropriate dosage and frequency for you and also address any potential drug interactions or allergies.

Who can benefit from Omega-3 supplements?

Omega-3 fatty acid capsules can help with various health conditions and can be beneficial for different groups of people. Here are some groups of people who can benefit from taking omega-3 fatty acid capsules:

  1. Individuals with cardiovascular risk factors: Fish oil supplements are rich in Omega-3s and help lower the risk of heart disease by reducing triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and inflammation in people with these risk factors.
  2. Older adults: Omega-3 supplements help improve cognitive function and mood, and prevent cognitive decline in older adults.
  3. People with inflammatory conditions: Omega-3 fatty acid capsules are beneficial for people with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, and other autoimmune disorders, due to their anti-inflammatory
  4. Pregnant and lactating women: Adequate consumption of omega-3s during pregnancy and lactation is important for the proper development of the foetal brain, vision, and nervous system.
  5. People with mental health conditions: Omega-3 supplements, particularly those that contain EPA, help to improve symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.
  6. Vegetarians and vegans: Plant-based omega-3 fatty acid capsules are a good source of omega-3s for those who do not consume fish or fish oils.

Recommended dosage of Omega-3 supplements

The recommended dosage for omega-3 supplements can vary depending on the specific supplement and the individual's needs. The best way to determine the appropriate dosage for you is to consult with a healthcare professional. A qualified healthcare professional/ Nutritionist will be able to provide personalized recommendations based on your health status, diet, and any other medications you're taking. Furthermore, it is also important to follow the recommended dosage on the label of the specific omega-3 supplement you're taking and to not exceed the recommended dose.

Where to buy Omega 3 Supplements

If you're looking for a high-quality omega-3 supplement to support your overall well-being, Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels are an excellent option. Omega-3 fatty acid capsules are sustainably-sourced and tested for purity and potency. By taking Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega-3 softgels you will be investing in your health and future.

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Every Thing You Need to Know About Calcium Supplement

What is Calcium?

Calcium is a vital mineral for human health. It is needed for the effective functioning of the body's organs and tissues. As commonly known, calcium supplements are important for the maintenance and development of strong teeth and bones. Unfortunately, many people need to be made aware of the benefits of calcium and how it can help in the long run.

What are the natural sources of calcium?

The best sources of calcium are those that are derived from natural products. Unfortunately, only some have access to these products in the quantities required. This is where it becomes important to consume these natural sources of calcium in addition to calcium supplements for women and men.

  1. Dairy products: Milk, cheese and yoghurt are some of the best natural sources of calcium. Hard cheeses such as parmesan or cheddar also contain a good amount of calcium.
  2. Legumes: Some types of legumes, such as chickpeas, navy beans and white beans, are also high in calcium.
  3. Nuts and seeds: Almonds, sesame seeds and sesame butter, known as tahini, are a good source of calcium. Additionally, calcium supplements for women and men can provide the required quantity of calcium on a daily basis.
  4. Fish with edible bones: Some varieties of fish, such as sardines, salmon and canned fish like canned sardines or salmon, contain a significant amount of calcium because of the edible bones that remain in the fish when they are canned.
  5. Fortified foods: Some foods, such as cereals, orange juice and plant-based milk, are fortified with calcium and are a good source of minerals.
  6. Green leafy vegetables: Vegetables such as spinach, kale, broccoli and collard greens are also good sources of calcium. These are healthy choices to incorporate into your daily diet. A diet lacking in these vegetables can benefit from Amway's calcium supplements.

What are calcium supplements?

Insufficient calcium intake can have serious consequences for overall health and well-being, particularly for bones and teeth. This is why it is important to consider calcium supplements for women and men to maintain optimal health. While it is important to get enough calcium in your diet, excessive intake of calcium supplements for women and men can lead to health problems such as kidney stones. It is also important to keep in mind the nutrient balance of magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. All these nutrients can have an impact on the absorption of calcium in your body.

Different types of calcium supplements available in India?

Calcium supplements in India usually come as calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, calcium gluconate and calcium lactate. The latter two are more difficult to find and carry less calcium per dose. Calcium carbonate normally has the most amount of elemental calcium- which is the amount that the body absorbs. Amway calcium supplement NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus contain calcium carbonate in addition to calcium sourced from the waters of Iceland- from algal sources. This calcium is found in a concentrated, pure and natural form.

Why do we need to add a calcium supplement to our daily diet?

While the best way to get the required amount of calcium is through a regular diet, it is important to note that there are real dangers of poor calcium intake:

  1. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to become brittle and weak, making them more likely to result in fractures. Calcium is required for maintaining strong bones, so the best calcium supplement can help to ward off osteoporosis, particularly in older adults.
  2. Tooth decay: Calcium also helps to maintain strong teeth. Poor calcium intake can lead to dental problems such as tooth decay.
  3. Muscle cramps and weakness: Calcium is important for proper muscle function. A lack of calcium will cause the body to take it from the bones, which can lead to muscle weakness and cramps. Amway calcium supplements can help give you the daily requirement of calcium for your body.
  4. High blood pressure: A deficiency of calcium in the body can result in an increase in blood pressure. The right calcium supplements for women and men can help maintain your blood pressure at normal levels.
  5. Brain and nerve function: Calcium is vital for proper brain and nerve function. A lack of calcium can lead to problems such as seizures.
  6. Pregnancy and lactation: Pregnant and lactating women require more calcium than others. A low intake can lead to bone density loss and increase the risk of preeclampsia. This is why calcium supplements for women are recommended.

How to choose the right calcium supplement for your body?

Even the best calcium supplement should not be a replacement for a normal balanced diet. However, if you are unable to meet your recommended daily intake, then take calcium supplements for women and men. Two important aspects to consider would be what form of calcium to take and how much per serving. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  • Try and avoid calcium supplements that are made from dolomite, bone meal or coral, as there is a chance that they may contain toxic metals like lead.
  • Avoid taking more than the manufacturer's daily recommended dose, as it could lead to feeling bloating or constipation.
  • The best calcium supplement may also contain Vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of calcium, in addition to other minerals such as zinc, manganese and magnesium.

Benefits of calcium supplements

  1. Strong teeth and bones: Calcium is the primary mineral that makes up the structure of bones and teeth. It helps to form a hard, dense structure that gives bones and teeth their strength. Adequate intake of the best calcium supplement is important for building bone mass, which can help to prevent osteoporosis later in life.
  2. Nerve function: Calcium is necessary for proper nerve function. It helps to transmit nerve impulses and is necessary for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  3. Blood clotting: Calcium supplements can also be useful for blood clotting. When a blood vessel is injured, calcium helps to activate the clotting process to prevent excessive bleeding.
  4. Cardiovascular health: The adequate intake of the best calcium supplement may help to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.
  5. Hormone release: Calcium supplements are also important for hormone release. It helps to regulate the release of hormones that control various body functions, such as insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels.
  6. Muscle function: Calcium supplements play a role in muscle function by regulating how muscles contract and relax. It is also vital for the proper functioning of the muscles that control the heart and blood vessels, as well as the muscles that are used for movement.

What is the right method to consume a calcium supplement?

Ideally, a calcium supplement should be taken along with meals. The acid produced in the stomach while digesting food can help the body absorb calcium. Amway calcium supplement NUTRILITE® Cal Mag D Plus can be taken twice a day with meals.

What is the daily calcium requirement for adults and children?

According to the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research), Indians are recommended to take 1000mg calcium per day as per ICMR 2020. This applies to both men and women. In Northern Europe and the USA, the normal intake is approximately 900 to 1000mg a day.

Why buy a calcium supplement in India from Amway?

Investing in health with the right calcium supplements will help support your overall health in the long run. Amway is a trusted name when it comes to health-related products, as we take utmost care in bringing you the very best. Our calcium supplements for women and men contain no artificial colours or flavours and are free from dairy or soy products. The right dosage is mentioned with each product so you are aware of how many to take and at what intervals. However, if you have any underlying medical condition, then we recommend that you speak with your doctor prior to consuming our calcium supplements. Read through the list of ingredients to determine if you are allergic to any of them.

Go ahead and browse through our product range to find the best calcium supplement for your needs.