Deep cleans and removes plaque painlessly.

Persona Classic Family Toothbrush cleans teeth without hurting the gums.

  • Non-slip comfortable grip
  • Angled design with a slender neck for better reach
  • Rounded bristles that are gentle on the gums
  • Classic looks and contemporary features
  • Has Accu-Pressure Point technology
  • Available in two attractive colors

The Persona Classic Family Toothbrush reaches all corners of your mouth to help clean your teeth thoroughly. The Accu-Pressure Point technology ensures optimal cleaning control. It provides just the right amount of gentle pressure on your gums while being firm on your teeth. The rounded bristles also prevent gums from pain or bleeding while brushing. Its pocket-friendly price makes it an ideal family buy, also available in 2 attractive colors.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day or as directed by a dentist. Works best with Glister Multi-Action toothpaste or Glister Multi-Action Herbals.