Product Details

Ultra-soft bristles that reach every corner of the mouth

Amway's junior toothbrush has a subtle head that reaches every corner of the mouth. Specially made for children, the toothbrush does not hurt the delicate mouths of kids.

  • Superior bristles gently remove plaque.
  • Helps in protecting teeth from decay
  • Non-slippery rubberized handle that provides a strong grip
  • The Accu-pressure wave and ribs technology helps the head move gently and does not let bristles irritate tender gums of children.
  • Removes bacteria, thereby providing better hygiene

The all-advanced persona junior is all your child needs. Its specially designed acupressure wave and ribs technology, along with tongue cleaner, provide your child with the complete package. The tongue cleaner is adorned with soft ridges to remove bacteria from the tongue. The vacuum holder makes the brush stand up so that it does not get dirty. Moreover, the unique handle design provides immaculate brush control.

  1. Take a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and spread it thinly on the toothbrush.
  2. Gently brush your teeth in a circular motion. Clean each tooth slowly inside and out.
  3. After brushing your teeth, take the tongue cleaner part of the brush and take it to the back of the tongue. Slowly bring the cleaner forward towards the tip. Do this a few times to clean your tongue.
  4. Rinse the toothbrush, and you are done

The handle material of the toothbrush is made from rubber to provide a good grip for the child. The rubber also allows the head of the brush to move gently so as not to damage the child's gums.