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Important constituents of tissues and cells, proteins are essential for all living organisms. As the provider of essential amino acids important for metabolism, growth, and development, protein is required by people belonging to all life stages and lifestyles. While growing children need it for growth and development, adults use it to build, repair, and maintain tissues and support bones, skin, and hair. The elderly require protein to support muscle tone, bone mass, and strength. Hectic lifestyles and poor eating habits have resulted in a lot of us lacking the required amount of protein in our everyday diet. The Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder, made using soy, wheat, and yellow pea, helps bridge the protein gap in your daily diet.

No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives

  • 100% plant protein-sourced
  • No added sugar 
  • Easy to digest

Easy to digest, the Nutrilite All Plant Protein Powder supplies nine amino acids that are essential for the body but cannot be produced naturally and must be obtained from outside.

Nutrilite All Plant Protein powder is neutral in taste and thus can be easily added to a glass of water, milk, a variety of shakes, juices, buttermilk, curd, soups, atta (flour), bread, cakes, biscuits, or any other food or beverages.

For age group 12 years and above: 1 provided scoop (approx. 10 g) up to 3 times daily.

For children 5-12 years of age: 1 provided scoop (approx 10 g) daily.

Supplement Facts
Amount per serving (10g)% Daily Value
Energy40 kcal2.11% (for adults) 2.96% (for children)
Protein8 g14.55% (for adults) 39.80% (for children)
Carbohydrates0.3 g
Fat Content0.5 g2.5% (for adults) 2% (for children)
*Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Daily Values
Other Ingredients: 9 Amino acids – Isoleucine (390 mg), Leucine (660 mg), Lysine (510 mg), Methionine (& Cysteine) (220 mg) , Phenylalanine (& Tyrosine) (750 mg), Threonine (310 mg), Tryptophan (120 mg), Valine (400 mg), Histidine (210 mg)