Product Details

Cal Mag D Plus tablets are infused with the goodness of calcium, Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. These nutrients: 

  • Help make bones healthy and strong 
  • Support immunity
  • Support the normal formation of connective tissue

  • Provides 5 vital nutrients : calcium, Vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, and manganese
  • Contains calcium derived from the algal sources found in the deep waters of Iceland, one of its most concentrated natural botanical sources, and calcium carbonate, a popular rich source
  • Helps strengthen bones with the presence of calcium, Vitamin D, and magnesium
  • Helps support immunity due to the presence of zinc

Cal Mag D Plus Tablets provide 5 essential nutrients : calcium, Vitamin D , zinc, magnesium, and manganese. A healthy calcium intake aids vital metabolic functions like cardiovascular and muscle function, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling, and hormone secretion. The presence of Vitamin D aids calcium absorption from the bloodstream to the gut. The zinc in these tablets supports immunity, while magnesium maintains normal bones. Manganese helps support the normal formation of connective tissue. Consuming these nutrients early on act like an investment for inner strength and health for the future.

Anyone above the age of 12 years who wants to supplement their intake of calcium, Vitamin D, and magnesium can take Cal Mag D Plus tablets. Take this tablet twice a day, every day with meals.


People who already have an underlying medical condition should consult their doctor before taking these tablets. If you're allergic, know about the ingredients in advance and check for allergens before you consume them.

Nutritional Information
Approximate Composition per serving (0.950 g) % RDA per Serving (Based on ICMR 2010 guidelines)
Energy1.1 kcal0.06
Protein0 g0
Fat0.01 g0.05
Saturated Fat<0.05 g/100 g-
Trans Fat<0.05 g/100 g-
Vitamin D100%-