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Enhance your overall well-being with the Nutrilite Liv 360 without WM Shake 3 Bundle, your companion in guiding you towards a healthy lifestyle.

Product 1 -XS Whey Protein powder 1Kg :

Elevate your fitness journey with XS Whey Protein Formula 2, featuring a dynamic blend of six muscle-building protein variants: whey hydrolysate, whey isolate, whey concentrate, milk protein isolate, sodium caseinate, and calcium caseinate. Boasting 10g of essential amino acids (EAA) and 5g of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), nutrients in this formula supports muscle repair, recovery, and growth.

XS Whey Protein contains zero added sugar (with naturally occurring sugar), low lactose, and minimal fat content. Crafted with natural colors and free from added preservatives or artificial flavors, it even includes prebiotics. With a PDCAAS score of 1, it's the ultimate fuel for your fitness journey.

Product 2 - NUtrilite Fiber 200g:

Fiber is one of the most essential nutrients in your daily diet. It forms a healthy lifestyle and supports the normal digestive function when it is already at a healthy stage.
To avoid the cons of highly refined food, NUTRILITE® Fiber is here to help you with dietary fiber.
An Indian diet requires 40 g of daily fiber intake, and Nutrilite Fiber makes it easy for you to meet the requirement

Product 3 - Nutrilite Daily Plus Tablets:

Say Hello to #PLUSLIFE - a new way of life that supports overall physical and mental well-being.

New avatar of Nutrilite Daily Plus is packed with plus quantity of 24 vitamins and minerals, plus formula with two layers – Immediate Release and Extended Release, plus power of plant concentrates and with ingredients to provide plus benefits for your health – Physical health + Mental health.

Product 4 - Nutrilite Pre and Probiotic Capsules :

Trillions of microbes residing in the intestine (Gut microbiota) plays a vital role in maintaining a good gut health as well as many other vital functions of the body.

Prebiotics act as food for good bacteria in the gut. They are degraded by gut microbiota and helps growth of healthy bacteria.

Probiotics (Pro meaning Promoting and Biotic meaning Life) are live strains which increases Count of good bacteria in the gut.

• Nutrilite Pre and Probiotic capsule contains 100 mg of Fructo oligo saccharide which acts as a Prebiotic.

• Nutrilite Pre and Probiotic capsule contains 2 B CFU of Bacillus Coagulans Unique IS2 which acts as a Probiotic.

Prioritize your health with the Nutrilite Liv 360 without WM Shake 3 Bundle, designed to meet your nutrition and fitness needs. Start your journey to a healthier, balanced life today.

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