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Do you fall sick frequently? Or easily catch colds or get the flu? Face respiratory or breathing issues, or catch frequent respiratory, digestive or skin infections? If your answer to any of these is “Yes”, then you may have a weakened immune system, which can be improved by supplementing your regular diet with adequate intake of Vitamin C. Your immune system may not function optimally when lack of Vitamin C is there causing improper lung function, poor functioning of the gut leading to diarrhoea and many other health hazards. Your body needs an adequate supply of Vitamin C to help fight back infections. Which is why NUTRILITE® Vitamin C Cherry Plus is a good choice of supplement for you.

  • For Adults, to provide them with all-day immunity support and improved utilization of Vitamin C.
  • Formulated with Extended Release Mechanism.
  • Contains plant-based sources like acerola cherries, one of nature's most concentrated forms of Vitamin C, grown in our own organic farms.
  • For Adults, 1 tablet taken regularly may fulfill the requirement of Vitamin C for those who have a weakened immunity or require supplementation to support immunity.
  • A daily serving of 1 Nutrilite Vitamin C Cherry plus tablet provides Vitamin C (400 mg) equivalent to 9 oranges or 8 lemons.*
  • Does not contain any artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners.
  • 100% Vegetarian.
  • Intended for adults with weakened immunity 

*As per, IFCT 2017, NIN, ICMR

Packed with the goodness of organically-farmed Acerola Cherries, one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, NUTRILITE Vitamin C Cherry Plus is intended for adults with weakened immunity to support your immune system all day long.

For Adults with weakened immunity, 1 tablet daily with meals or as directed by dietician/physician.

Serving size: 1Tablet (0.850 g). No. of servings per pack: 75 Units.

[Per serving (%RDA per serving)] : Energy 3.0 kcal (0.15%), Protein 0.006 g (0.01%*), Carbohydrate 0.78 g (-), Total Sugars 0.03 g (-), Added Sugars 0.01 g (0.02%), Total Fat 0.02 g (0.03%), Saturated Fat 0.02 g (0.09%), Trans Fat <0.1 g/100 g (0.04%), Sodium 0.19 mg (0.009%); The values within brackets indicate %RDA per serve (1 tablet)

Per Serving%RDA (For Adults)*
Vitamin C (from Ascorbic acid & Acerola)400 mg -

^%RDA based on ICMR 2020 guidelines.
%RDA values not established.

INGREDIENTS: Ascorbic Acid {L-ascorbic Acid, Binding agent/ (Corn starch)} (54.79%), Acerola {Acerola concentrate, Diluent (Maltodextrin)} (17.56%), Bulking agent {INS 460(i)}, Thickener (INS 464), Antisticking agent {INS 470 (iii)}, Carrier (INS 551), Glazing agent (INS 461), Thickener (INS 422).

For age group 12 years and above.

Lic No. 10015042002190