Product Details

Glister™ Oral Care Essentials Kit helps provide comprehensive oral hygiene and care, with some of our bestselling Glister™ products for cleaner, whiter, and healthy teeth and gums. The kit consists of:

  • Glister™ Advanced Toothbrush Duo Pack – 1 (two toothbrushes)
  • 40g Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste – 2 x 40g
  • 40g Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbal – 1 x 40g
  • Glister™ Paper Bag

Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste and Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals are enriched with the goodness of fluoride and 11 herbs, respectively, powered by the REMINACT™ Advantage. These help you get whiter teeth that are more resistant to decay, reduced plaque and tooth sensitivity, and fresher breath with regular brushing. The Advanced Toothbrush gives 360-degree mouth cleaning with its flexible design.

  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste 
    • Helps fight cavities, reduce dental surface stains, and whiten teeth with regular brushing
    • Offers enamel-safe polishing
    • Promotes remineralization with the REMINACT™ Advantage
    • Fluoride toothpaste
    • Great for the whole family
    • Certified by the Indian Dental Association
  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals 
    • Helps protect against plaque, germs, teeth discoloration, stains, gum infections, sensitivity, and bad breath with regular brushing 
    • Contains a blend of 11 herbs to cleanse, cool, soothe, and protect the teeth and gums
    • Contains biodegradable microbeads of essential oils of tea tree and clove for targeted efficacy of the ingredients
    • Powered with the REMINACT™ Advantage to promote remineralization
    • Certified by the Indian Dental Association
    • Delicious flavor
  • Glister™ Advanced Toothbrush
    • Provides deep and all-round cleaning of teeth and gums
    • Power tip rounded DuPont bristles with lamella
    • Exclusive bristle pattern
    • Flexible neck
    • Comfortable grip with a unique design
    • Advanced tongue cleaner with a soft feel
    • Comes in 2 colors – blue and green
    • 100% recyclable, non-toxic PET packaging

  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste 
    • This fluoride toothpaste helps provide all-around cleaning and enamel-safe polishing to fight the risk of tooth decay and freshen the breath with regular use.
    • It is also powered by the Reminact™ formula to help build stronger teeth that are more resistant to decay.
    • It helps remove surface stains and discoloration caused by tea, coffee, or smoking.
    • It helps fight cavities, whiten teeth, and reduce plaque, gum-related issues, and tooth sensitivity with regular brushing.
    • It is clinically proven to reduce plaque in 10 days with regular brushing.

As compared to non-fluoride toothpaste.

  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals 
    • Regular brushing with Amway’s Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals whitens and strengthens teeth, minimizes surface stains and plaque, and lowers the risk of dental decay using the power of 11 herbs.
    • Its Reminact™ formula promotes remineralization, helping redeposit essential minerals back on the enamel for stronger teeth that are more resistant to decay.#
    • The toothpaste freshens your breath and offers germ protection for up to 12 hours.
    • It significantly reduces plaque, tooth sensitivity, and gum-related issues within 10 days of regular brushing*.
    • It contains biodegradable microbeads made from essential oils of tea tree and clove to target enhanced delivery and maximum efficacy of the herbal ingredients.

As compared to non-fluoride toothpaste.

*Basis clinical study conducted.

  • Glister™ Advanced Toothbrush
    • The power tip bristles with lamella are made with an exclusive pattern to clean hard-to-reach places softly yet thoroughly.
    • All-round cleaning of teeth, gums, tongue, and insides of the cheeks
    • Gum massager that massages gums gently while brushing
    • Advanced tongue cleaner cleanses with an extra-soft feel.
    • Non-slip thumb grip with an acupressure point for comfort and control while brushing

For healthy, safe, and total oral hygiene, brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day for two minutes with the Glister™ Advanced Toothbrush and the Glister™ Multi-Action toothpastes. Follow this routine continuously for at least 10 days to begin to see results.

Caution: Keep it away from children below the age of 6.

  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste 
    • Includes 0.21% of sodium fluoride as the active ingredient
    • Other ingredients include water, sorbitol, hydrated glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate, xylitol, cellulose gum, titanium dioxide, xanthan gum, sodium saccharin, methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.
  • Glister™ Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals 
      Helps reduce bad breath, toothaches, and cavities
    • Freshens the breath
    • Known for germ protection
    • Known for germ protection and fighting bad breath
    • Camphor: Cooling agent known for germ protection
    • Neem: Aids germ protection
    • Basil: Known for germ protection
    • Eucalyptol: Fights against plaque
    • Lemon: Helps to soothe toothache and clean teeth
    • Mulethi: Gives a flavor of natural sweetness with a burst of freshness
    • Peppermint: Freshens breath

The mentioned ingredients are either extraction or components of flavor. The above activities/functions are generally known to be performed by the respective ingredients.