The Amway Pursue Disinfectant cleaner is an all-purpose disinfectant for your house. When used strictly as per the directions on the pack, it kills 99% of the germs from surfaces in your house. It also protects your home against mold, viruses, and surface-level bacteria. It deodorizes surfaces in toilet areas, behind and under sinks and counter and garbage storage areas where bacteria cause malodor.


  • Effective cleaner
  • Sanitizer
  • Germicide
  • Virucide
  • Deodorizer

The Amway Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner kills 99.9% of surface-level germs including bacteria, fungi, and viruses, when used strictly as per the directions on the pack. It works as an effective disinfectant even when diluted. 500 ml of this economical and value-for-money disinfectant makes 62.5 L of disinfecting and cleaning solution (8 ml/L water).

1. For Highly infected Areas (like hospitals): 16ml per 1liter of water

2. For Medium infected Areas: 8ml per 1 liter of water

3. For Food Contact Surface Areas: 4ml per 1 liter of water 


1. Discard the unused diluted portion immediately after use or when the solution becomes cloudy.

2. The solution shouldn’t be kept for more than 24 hours. Do not bring the bottle cap in contact with water.

CAS No.Concentration
Alkyl (C12-16) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride068424-85-11.0% - 2.0%
Mixed dialkyl (C8-C10) dimethyl ammonium chloride068424-95-32.0% - 3.0%
Sodium metasilicate006834-92-0
Benzalkonium chloride008001-54-5
Tetrasodium EDTA000064-02-82.0% - 3.0%
C12-15 pareth-12 carboxylic acid000000-06-5
Water 007732-18-5