Product Details

Three layers of protection, one convenient filter

The Atmosphere Drive Car Air Purifier filter provides 3-stage filtration with pre-filter, particulate filter, and carbon filter; this helps capture particulate matter, dust, and dirt from the air you breathe in, while driving.

  • The Atmosphere Drive 3-in-1 filter is made up of three layers: Pre-filter, Particulate filter, Carbon filter
  • The Pre-filter removes large particles like dust
  • Airborne particles, including smoke, PM2.5, allergens and viruses are removed by the Particulate filter
  • The Carbon filter captures gaseous contaminants and odors

  • High-performance filter
  • Removes 99% of PM 2.5
  • Removes airborne particles as small as 0.015 micron 
  • Removes more than 300 particulates and pathogens
  • Captures 12 different gaseous contaminants, including formaldehyde and VOC
  • Removes common odors

The best time to replace the filter is when your air purifier indicator turns red. The frequency of replacing the filter can vary depending on your usage and the air quality around you while you are driving.

Before installing the air purifier unit or changing its filter, your car must be properly parked. 

To change the filter:

  1. Switch off the purifier and pull out the plug.
  2. Open the top shield by pressing it in slightly and remove the used filter.
  3. Discard it safely in any trash can.

Insert your new filter and close the shield. Your indicator will turn green when you switch on the purifier next