Product Details

Wear Your Every Avatar with a smooth style.
A smooth shave with Dynamite Shaving Foam gets you ready for every occasion.

Dermatologically Tested
Paraben Free

Dynamite Shaving Foam is enriched with revitalizing* Red Algae extract and moisturizing Aloe Vera. It provides rich foaming lather that spreads easily on the face and softens the beard allowing the razor to glide smoothly for your comfort. For best results, use the Dynamite Shaving System with Dynamite Shaving Foam.

*Ingredient based claim

  1.  Enriched with Red Algae extract & Aloe vera which condition and revitalize* the skin while you shave
  2.  Easy to rinse-off
  3.  Paraben Free
  4.  Dermatologically Tested
  5.  Suitable for sensitive skin
  6.  Helps reduce redness and manage irritation
  7.  Alcohol Free
  8.  Suitable for all skin types
  9.  Rich foaming lather spreads easily on the face 
  10.  Softens the beard for razor to glide smoothly
  11.  Conditions and revitalizes* the skin

*Ingredient based claim

The Dynamite Shaving Foam is pumped on the shaving brush. The foaming lather spreads evenly and easily on the skin and softens the beard so that the razor can do its thing without any cuts. The best results can be obtained by using the Dynamite Shaving Foam with Dynamite Shaving System.

Consumer Testing Claims:

  • 100% men agreed the foam gives full coverage to the bearded surface, giving enough lubrication for blate to move/glide easily
  • More than 95% men agreed that the foam helps in giving close smooth shave and is easy to rinse off
  • 100% men agreed the foam gives rich lather
  • More than 95% of men perceived the Shaving foam softens the beard appropriately.

  • Red Algae Extract
  • Aloe Vera