Product Details

This product targets the deep layers of your skin, supplying the concentrated solution to the areas that need it the most.

Fragrance Free
Dermatologically Tested
Safe on skin
All skin types

  • Designed for dull skin
  • Promotes cell renewal for a brighter and even complexion
  • Boosts cell exfoliation and natural radiance
  • Contains Nutrilite-sourced Star Lily extract
  • Fragrance-free
  • Dermatologically-tested

ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Brightening Amplifier works as a serum for glowing skin combined with ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Base Serum. The resultant brightening serum can be used on all skin types, especially dull, lackluster skin with uneven skin tone. The Radiance Renewal Technology in the Brightening Amplifier promotes your skin’s cell renewal process for quickly exfoliating dead skin cells and helps your skin’s natural radiance shine through. It makes this personalized Amplifier + Base Serum a good choice for skin brightening. The serum resurfaces skin to remove its dull veil and evens out the complexion for a refreshed, natural-looking glow and a luminous, revitalized appearance.

  • First, remove the cap from the bottle of ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Base Serum and discard it.
  • Secure the ARTISTRY SIGNATURE SELECT™ Brightening Amplifier onto the top of the bottle.
  • Twist off the Amplifier to release the content inside the serum.
  • Once the contents are entirely dispensed into the Base Serum bottle, twist off the Amplifier bottle again and discard it.
  • Then, insert the pump into the Base Serum bottle and twist it on properly to ensure it is firmly in place.
  • Finally, vigorously shake the Base Serum bottle, now containing your Personalized Brightening Serum, for a minute to mix well.
  • Apply a couple of pumps of the brightening serum onto your clear skin and smooth it evenly over the whole face in an upward motion, twice each day.

Note: Please do not apply it directly to your eyelids.

The Brightening Amplifier harnesses the Radiance Renewal Technology. It uses Nutrilite™-sourced Star Lily Extract as its supporting ingredient, which comes from flowers that bloom at night.