Immune & Respiratory Health Products

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    Lungs play a vital role in keeping us strong and healthy. We seldom give importance to the lungs as compared to other vital organs. It is not until we experience breathing problems that we take notice. It's essential to take care of our respiratory and lung health. If lung health is affected, it impacts the overall health and the quality of everyday life. Here are some of the salient nutritional supplements that have been added in the immune & respiratory bundle to support your health.

    Please refer individual product label for product category & further information on usage.

    The immune & respiratory bundle comprises of the following products:

    1. Nutrilite Vasaka, Mulethi & Surasa
    2. Chyawanprash by Nutrilite
    3. Nutrilite Tulsi
    4. Nutrilite Echinacea-citrus Concentrate Plus
    5. Nutrilite Concentrated Fruits & Vegetables
    6. Nutrilite Vitamin C Cherry Plus