Nutrilite Bilberry with Lutein is a nutraceutical supplement that contains ingredients that can together support eye health and function. It contains lutein derived from one of its richest natural sources — the marigold flower, along with other ingredients that support your eye, functioning already in the healthy range, such as Bilberry extract, blackcurrant, spinach, and vitamin A. This supplement provides antioxidant supplementation, which aids in the prevention of age-related eye diseases and sustains healthy eyesight.

No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives

  • Lutein is an antioxidant that protects the retina and aids in the maintenance of good vision.
  • Bilberry extract contains anthocyanosides and blackcurrants, both of which are beneficial to eye health.
  • Vitamin A helps promote a healthy night vision and aids in the health of the skin and mucosal tissues.
  • Spinach extract contains phytonutrients, which provide increased nutrient advantages.

With growing eye concerns owing to hereditary, aging, lifestyle, and other factors, it becomes crucial to take extra care of our eyes to maintain healthy vision. Nutrilite Bilberry with Lutein is formulated with ingredients to support the eye, functioning already in the healthy range, against age-related macular degeneration (AMD) caused by oxidative stress due to aging. Lutein provides antioxidant protection to the retina. Research shows that supplementing the diet with 10 mg of lutein per day helps replenish low lutein concentration in the macula and may support eye function and normal vision health secondary to MD. It also contains a blend of plant-based ingredients such as Bilberry and black currant extracts, spinach, and vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to aid in maintaining strong night vision and the health of the mucus membranes.

Take 1 tablet twice a day with meals.


Serving size: 2 Tablets (0.92g). No. of serving per pack: 30 Units

[Per serve (%RDA per Serve)] :

Energy 3.7 kcal (0.18%), Protein 0.0119 g (0.02%*), Total Fat 0.068 g (0.1%),Carbohydrate 0.39 g (-), Total Sugars 3.71 g (-), Added Sugars 0.01 g (0.02%).

Per Serving (2 Tablets: 0.92 g)% RDA*(for Adults)
Vitamin A 240.8 mcg 40.13
Bilberry Extract (fruits) 100 mg -
Black Currant (fruits) 50 mg -
Lutein (petals) 10 mg -

*%RDA values based on ICMR 2010 guidelines

%RDA values not established

Adjusted Overages for Vitamin

INGREDIENTS: Bulking Agent {INS 460(i)}, Lutein (23.73%) [Carrier (INS 1400, Sucrose, INS 414, INS 1401, INS 551), Lutein Ester Concentrate, Antioxidant (d-alpha tocopherol)], Bilberry extract (10.38%), Glazing agent (INS 464, INS 422) Bulking Agent (Corn starch), Black Currant (5.19%), [Black Currant Extract Powder, Carrier (Maltodextrin)], Spinach (3.11%), Glazing Agent (Stearic Acid), Bulking Agent (INS 466), Carrier (INS 551), Retinyl acetate (0.26%), Lubricant (Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil).Glazing agent {(INS 463), (INS 464), (INS 1521) }and Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Hydrogenated cottonseed oil)}

For age group 12 years and above

Contains Soy

Lic No. - 10015042002190