Product Details

Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron is an iron supplement meant for children. It has a delicious natural raspberry and cherry flavor.

No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Preservatives

  • Easy to chew
  • 6 mg of iron from easily absorbable ferrous fumarate
  • Includes no artificial color or preservatives

Iron helps with the transportation of oxygen in the body, required for the production and release of energy. Nutrilite Kids Chewable Iron contains ferrous fumarate, which is easily absorbed by the body. It is easy for children to chew, who are sure to like its delightful flavor. 

One tablet twice daily for children above 5 years of age, preferably with meal. Recommended to be taken under adult supervision

Approximate composition per serving serving (1 tablet: 1 g)% RDA for children 5 yrs. of age) (Based on ICMR 2010 guideline)
Energy3.72 kcal0.28
Protein0.0035 g0.02
Carbohydrate0.83 g
Sugar0.59 g -
Total Fat 0.041 g 0.16
Saturated Fat <01.g / 100g-
Trans Fat <01.g / 100g-
Iron 6mg 46.15
Adjusted Overages for Minerals.