Amway India is one of the leading FMCG direct-selling companies that manufactures and sells over 140 distinctive quality consumer products in the nutrition, beauty, personal care, home, and consumer durables categories. In every part of the world wherever you’ll find Amway, you'll find happy customers shopping for more than 60 years now. The Amway All Product Handbook is especially curated for our customers which offers a complete range of health, beauty, and other products designed to the needs of all age groups.

  • The product handbook is a mix of beauty, lifestyle, fitness, Amway homecare, and skincare products.
  • It tells you all about the customized formulas specifically developed for each product.
  • This guide is available in Hindi & Bengali as well so that people fluent exclusively in Hindi & Bengali can also take advantage of Amway products.

    The All Product Handbook is a comprehensive collection of all products available under:

    • Nutrilite®: Nutrilite® is dedicated to provide quality nutrition and health supplement products & offers a wide variety ranging from Vitamins, Minerals & other health supplements.* (Nutrilite Range is under Nutraceutical/Health Supplement/FSDU/Ayurvedic medicine categories. Nutrilite products are not for medicinal use. Not to exceed recommended daily usage. Not to be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Products are required to be stored out of reach of children. Images shown are for pictorial representation only. Please refer to individual product labels for product categories & further information. For further information, please

    Nutrilite® is the World’s No.1 Selling Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Brands. Nutrilite is also World’s No. 1 Selling Protein Supplements Brand#. (# Source Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins & Dietary Supplements , World GBN , Retail Value RSP % breakdown 2018)

    • Artistry™: Artistry™ brand is continuously evolving to deliver personalized beauty solutions that marry the best nature & science.

    Artistry™ is also India’s Number 1 Premium Skin Care Brand * ( * Source Euromonitor International Limited, Beauty & Personal Care 2020 edition, Premium Skin Care category definition, retail value RSP, 2019 data)

    • attitude™: Amway’s attitude™ range is the choice of young women of today who know what they want and also know exactly how to achieve it with aplomb.

    The brand offers a range of skincare products like Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Masque, Moisturizers and Be Bright Herbal Range. We also have a range of bold color cosmetics like Matte & Crème lipsticks , Nail Enamels to name a few.

    • Glister™: Take care of dental needs with Glister. It helps take care of your oral health. It gives you dental benefits that ensure all -round protection for your teeth. Our Glister Multi-action Toothpaste & Glister Mutli-action toothpaste Herbals is certified by IDA ( Indian Dental Association).
    • Satinique™: The Satinique collection of hair care products is created for a World of hair needs, to elevate hair to its full potential. Breakthrough technology using blended botanicals & nutrients join with ENRJUVE™ to bring a new dimension of health to hair.
    • Amway Home™: Amway Home products help to keep your home surfaces clean, your clothes bright, and your dishes sparkling.
    • Atmosphere Mini™ & Drive™: Whether in your home or your car, the quality of air you breathe should be in your control. With more than 30 years of design and engineering excellence in the field of air purification we are the maker of largest selling home air treatment product*. (*Based on a Verify Markets study of 2019 global sales revenue. Product is defined as a single model number within a brand or product line. Claim valid till April 2022.)
    • Amway™ Queen: Amway Queen products are designed to last delivering superb cooking performance.
    • XS: The XS brand of energy and sports nutrition products reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Amway’s Founders, always seeking to combine adventure and opportunity.

    Amway's All Product Handbook is now available in Hindi & Bengali to make it convenient for more people to read about our products and make wise choices. Our products undergo testing, certification, and consumer studies to help you pamper yourself and your loved ones. These offer long-lasting benefits such as promoting a healthy lifestyle, helping maintain soft and supple skin, and providing support with skin and health issues. Our nutraceutical and skincare products help provide a healthier lifestyle and give your body the care it needs.

    • Go through different categories one by one, as per your requirement.
    • Check the brand name like Nutrilite products, Artistry products, or Attitude products.
    • Go through the information given to make an informed decision.